📺SotN #31: The Rise of SushiSwap with 0xMaki

Sushi vs Uniswap, Differentiation, Future of Sushi

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In this episode, we bring 0xMaki, a core contributor to the SushiSwap DEX, to the Bankless State of the Nation, to get into the story behind Sushi's rise out of the depths of the 3 month DeFi bear market!

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📺 SotN #31: The Rise of SushiSwap with 0xMaki 

January 27th, 2020

Topics Covered:
- The Sushi Story Thus Far
- SushiSwap Differentiation
- Integrations and Partnerships
- The Future of SushiSwap
- The Future of DeFi

We begin with a history of the SushiSwap project and its migration from Uniswap. Maki takes us through the structures of the Sushi Ecosystem and discusses the role of Chef Nomi on the trajectory of the exchange in its turbulent beginnings.

Maki argues for a flexible, bottom-up, and community-based approach, with an emphasis on integration with other protocols like Yearn Finance, Polkadot, and Cream. We discuss Sushi’s remarkable comeback from its early struggles in 2020, and how its current volume of over $100mm daily is a result of the efforts of its diehard community.

Maki differentiates the SushiSwap Protocol from that of its sibling Uniswap, as well as the asset $SUSHI from the asset $UNI. Maki contends that Sushi’s fast-moving UI development and integration with external partners set SushiSwap apart from other DEXes.

Maki is optimistic about the adoption of Layer 2 Scaling Solutions throughout DeFi in 2021 and lays out some of SushiSwap’s ambitious plans for the future, including optimizing gas fees and user experience.

Lastly, Maki discusses the future of DeFi, arguing for compatibility and coexistence among decentralized protocols.

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