🎙️ETH is undervalued - Bonus Episode

🎙️ETH is undervalued - Bonus Episode

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Episode: #15 - ETH is undervalued
June 3, 2020

The Bankless boys think ETH is undervalued and they explain why.

Also, a talk on governance why putting it on-chain is a money killer. Join Ryan and David in this special bonus episode!

Here’s what we covered:

  • ETH fundamentals are fire

    • Metrics 

      • Gas usage at all time higher

      • Daily active users up

      • Stablecoins on Ethereum up

      • BTC tokenized on Ethereum up

      • Network fundamentals up!

    • So why isn't price up?

    • Maybe ETH is Undervalued!

  • New Crypto.com wallet is protocol sink thesis!

  • Maker on Coinbase is a big deal

  • On-chain gov hurts store-of-value 

    • Decreases credible neutrality

    • Handing the keys to plutocrats

Join us next Monday for a fresh episode!

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