📺 SotN #34: Polygon: Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains | Mihailo Bjelic & Sandeep Nailwal

Internet of Chains & Polkadot Killer

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We bring Mihailo Bjelic & Sandeep Nailwal of Polygon (formerly Matic) to the Bankless State of The Nation, to discuss Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains and Polygon's approach to connecting networks.

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📺 SotN #34: Polygon: Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains

Guests: Mihailo Bjelic & Sandeep Nailwal

February 17th, 2021

Topics Covered:
- The Internet of Chains
- The Ethereum Killer-Killer
- Polygon as an Integral Part of Ethereum
- Competing in the Game
- Types of Chains
- Rollups

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How to bet on DeFi with Polymarket

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Mihailo on Twitter

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