🎙️ 68 - Bull Case for DeFi II | Vance Spencer

Vance from Framework Ventures Returns to Bankless

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Vance Spencer returns to Bankless to refresh his takes from his last appearance, 'The Bull Case For DeFi.' His predictions have held up exceptionally well, so listen in as he takes us through what Layer 2 means for the DeFi space.

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Bankless Podcast 67: Bull Case for DeFi II

Guest: Vance Spencer

June 7, 2021

Framework's Vance Spencer returns to Bankless nine months after his first appearance, 'The Bull Case for DeFi.' A lot has happened in the space since then, but his perspective holds up as salient and sharp. He and investing partner Michael Anderson have built a venture fund that invests in people.

With a healthy mix of on-chain and venture investments, Framework has consistently led as a thesis-driven firm with a clear focus on DeFi. Primitives, aggregators, and apps comprise a diverse and thoughtful portfolio representing a successful past and bullish future. It is increasingly apparent that capital efficiency is the game that DeFi projects are playing to gobble up market share.

Vance brings a uniquely holistic approach to investing in the space, discussing the verticalization of DeFi and seeking projects that leverage the smart contract money legoes to optimize front ends. The space's growth depends on building out payment rails, optimizing MEV, and exploring the world of rollups as a massive upgrade to the DeFi Sandbox. Stay tuned for hot predictions towards the end – this is somebody to listen to.



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